At any moment something unexpected can happen. Perhaps, it will happen, in your next step or when looking up at the top of that giant tree. The tropical forests, waterways and flood areas of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, create a real natural kingdom, of chance and wonder, where there’s always a reason to stay astonished.

Life: Flora and fauna. Sightings in a natural area of 2’080,000 hectares in which there are 965 wild plant species and 1,025 species of vertebrates. This is equivalent to 27 percent of such species in the country and 36 percent of those in the Amazon.

An incredible exploration, imagine going on a boat through one of the world’s most evocative landscapes, the mighty Amazon rainforest. Home to one tenth of the Earth’s known species, and a fifth of all free-flowing water, this is an epic adventure into a tropical paradise. There are almost 40,000 known plant species in the lush Amazon, which sustain creatures such as jaguar, harpy eagles, pink dolphins, monkeys, two-toed sloths and a myriad birds, freshwater fish and butterflies.

At times it seems like the entire forest is alive with noise and movement as you gently cruise along, first by boat and then by foot. You’ll spot dolphins and the Giant Amazonian Lily, the Victoria Regia, a large water lily originally named after Queen Victoria. And if you want, you can try a bit of piranha fishing, or just relax and watch the forest and its inhabitants drift by.


Luxury gone wild in the Peruvian Amazon


An authentic adventure in the heart of the Amazon

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