The Department of Cusco presents an abrupt geographical relief, combining fertile inter-Andean valleys, with imposing mountains, to then descend towards the jungle´s edge area, where the temperature rises, and the landscape transforms itself into dense and varied vegetation.

Cusco was the capital city of the Tahuantinsuyu that was the Quechua name of the Incan State and territory, the meaning of which corresponds to The Four Regions of the Sun, and, indeed, the Incas´ vast “Empire” was divided into four regions, the center of which was the beautiful, very rich, sacred and venerated city of Qosqo, in Quechua.

In contrast with so much history, this magic city has a palpitating and hot nightlife, vibrating with its own sounds and colors, as well as with international ones, in its cafés, restaurants, discotheques and bars, to satisfy every taste.